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Hack Zenonia 1/2/3 Android

Hello guys. Well, this post will discuss how to hack the Android game. This game in my opinion is in demand. Story linenya very nice, the graphics really good (for me), Zenonia 3 is the connection of Zenonia 2. Ok with no strings attached again here it is necessary:
HP Android you have to root user (for those who do not know root user, you can browse on google to search for it).
GameCIH2 the latest. (Can be downloaded on the market)
 Hex editor (to hack zen in Zenonia 3 | can be downloaded on the market)

Ways to hack / edit Zen (Cuman Zenonia 3):
Open the Hex editor
Choose an open file
Sign in to data/data/
Find address 000001e8, then click.
Valuenya change to 99, then click right.
Then changed to address 000001e9, valuenya change so 9D, then click right.
Then changed again to address 000001ea, valuenya change to 99, then click OK.
Save the file. Then open Zenonia 3 and 9 million zen bismillahhirrahmanirrahim so much.
How to hack / editing equipment stats and the number of items:
Open gameCIH2.
Set hotkeynya so volume_down (up aja)
Open zenonia 3 but do not dikeluarin gameCIH2nya earlier.
Move the desired equipment to the box 1 and 2.
After that look att / def equipment in box 1.
Press the hotkey gameCIH2nya.
Click the "Input Number", enter the value att / def equipmentnya, then click OK.
Wait for completion gameCIH2nya find and press back.
Exchange equipment that is in box 2 to box 1.
Enter the value of att / def equipmentnya. Then look for g_gcxGlobalMemory @ 3043a: x (x is the value of att / def equipmentnya).
Click it. Replace valuenya be 32 755 (the maximum limit)
Press back. And look at the numbers att / def / hp / sp pd equipmentnya changed.
Cheat on top can also be used to increase the number of items, numbers replaced cuman how many items you have.

How to hack / edit skillpoints and statpoints:

Open gameCIH2.
Open Zenonia 3.
Go to page skill. (At least have 10 skillpoints)
Press the hotkey gameCIH2nya, then click "Low Level ANALISYS".
Wait a minute, klo are finished press gameCIH2 look back.
Use a skillpoint, to gameCIH2 press "!". Press back. (Do as much as 3 times)
A short walk first (first mainin Zenonianya).
Go to page gameCIH2nya skills and open, press the "=". Quote still not met an address hit back, wear a skillpoint to gameCIH2 and press "". Quote've met an address change valuenya so aja 935 632 544. See your skillpoints and statpoints increased to thousands.
Hack levels fairy (UPDATE. Gak this cheat, I own a try):
Click the Input Number.
Scan your fairy level.
Naikin fairy level then you can scan up to 1 address.
Change to 99.
And complete. Create dapetin stonenya Awakening Stone wrote'll wear easily.
Good luck. (Work 100%)

Hack gold (Special Update Zenonia 1 / 2)
Click the Input number.
Scan your gold. Then to the item shop or dapetin money.
Scan your money now. Then change it to 99999999999
Yes really short. Hehehhehe easier.

Klo is unclear at this:

To hack Zen: [link]

To hack stat equipment:

To hack skillpoints and statpoints:

Quote aja not successfully leave comments. I am ready to serve. He he.
To the outside Indonesia if you do not Understand please translate with google translate to your language.

This is my ID: cutttttt

Do not send items that have been hacked. If you're into baseball banned. The effect can not PvP just looking for friends in the excution room. Do not try it.

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  2. i cant hack zenonia 2 also please help. i cant seem to configure gamecih ver 3.

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    I find out that there were no GameCIH at the market.
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